The years fly like dry leaves swept by the wind, covering the heads of snow, the cracked faces with furrowed full of memories, with scrutinizing expression who have traveled long paths, jumping obstacles, carrying bare feet maintaining the balance between loose ropes and shifting lands, to avoid falling into the precipices.

How much are we willing to do to go back in time! For not facing the reflection of a stranger in front of the mirror, showing their weaknesses reflected in their insecurities, carrying in their weakened shoulders their anxieties, looking for new illusions in the dawns giving brilliance to their mind to achieve solutions to every existing obstacles.

The night becomes mysterious, full of the ghost of the past, trying to invade the present, with sharp claws to break the illusions into a thousands pieces fulling of disappointments trying to invade the feelings … watch out! a false step could destroy existing illusions, keep control of the movements through positive thoughts, maintaining the inner dialogue.

How to forget the past and not allow it to become an intruder sabotaging the present?

Holding tightly the anguishes and throwing them in the bucket of oblivion, reinforcing the existing moment with a broad and positive mind to cover themselves with hopes, nourished by the knowledge acquired in their daily path adorned with leafy trees, loaded with reconciling fruits, juicy of love and illusions, where prudence and discernment will live forever in each of the decisions.

Yolanda Ledesma

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